Good 'Morrow Big Dawgs!

I write to you today 33 pages into Jim Kwik's new book Limitless. It's focus is the human brain and its capacity to evolve and grow in response to the challenges and environments introduced to it! What's incredible is that this capacity is infinite or as Jim says, "Limitless!" For instance, one study Jim mentions found that London's taxi cab drivers possessed greater grey matter in the hippocampus than non-drivers due to their job requiring the memorization of thousands of streets, paths, and tourist attractions!

In Jim's own words, "Neuroplasticity, also referred to as brain plasticity, means that every time you learn something new, your brain makes a new synaptic connection. And each time this happens, your brain physically changes, it upgrades its hardware to reflect a new level of the mind." Did you know the previous prevailing thought was that our brains stopped growing at a certain age? Science for the win! With newfound understanding of your brain's unlimited abilities, I know you're ready to exercise those mind muscles! Here's a short list to get you started: 

  1. Read for 30 minutes! 
  2. Write a poem, letter, or story!
  3. Memorize a new friend or co-workers name, street, recipe, or your favorite song!
  4. Use intuition rather than GPS to find your way!
  5. Learn 3 facts about a subject that interests you then share those with a friend, loved one, or the world! 

Also, feel free to adapt the LPP principle for motivation! Learning = Power = Profit


How will you upgrade today? Let me know in the comments! 


With Love,

T-Dirty on the Beat