Weekly Series Round Three (On Zombies!)

Good Morning Dawgies!

I hope everyone is faring well! I'm back to the series this week (the finishing of Duckin' Around and accompanying video last week took a bit of time so that's why I skipped it but I hope you've enjoyed the song and the video! If you haven't heard Duckin' Around it's available on my music page to listen to and download from all major platforms! Alright, on with the series! 

Today's topic: "What are your thoughts on the zombie-craze? Is it hurting society or is it all in good fun?"

As far as my individual tastes go I'm not an avid follower of the zombie phenomenon but I do appreciate the many directions it's branched into! As a concept, it's captivating because it captures an instinctive human (if we consider the Undead still resemblant of humanity) lacking the capacity for conscious-thinking, what an interesting condition to explore! Alternative states of consciousness and unconsciousness open discussion to how conscious-thinking impacts human life and our ability to differentiate between right and wrong, good and evil, just and corrupt; in this respect, I find the zombie-craze beneficial.

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular examples lately and provides an atmosphere where half of the remaining humans support one another while others prey on their peers to satiate their group's individual needs, so not only do we observe the lack of conscience in the zombies but also witness its variation in human behavior and that critical thinking (to tie back to the original question) helps society in my opinion. Yet it's all up to the creators' imaginations when generating their zombie-realities and presenting Undead behavior. The notion of feeding on each other could be correlated to the aforementioned internal discord and related to the question of whether or not humans (unconsciously) are inherently predisposed to one nature over the other. Yet I digress and this varies again on the creator's ideas and how they bring the Undead to life.

In brief, I think the zombie-craze is an excellent creative outlet and fosters critical thinking regarding the human condition thus bringing fun and benefit to society! Let the Undead live on!


P.S. If y'all are looking for another awesome blog to follow and read, check out my friend Amy's blog at 35sugar.com! Her blogs are conversational and compelling as well as inspiring! Check 'em out today! 

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